Hey Y’all!

My name is Kara Carr and I’m an illustrator, designer, and otherwise just creative-type person and neat lady living in the absolutely beautiful city of Lexington, Kentucky.

New York-born and Kentucky-grown, I spent my life jumping from one creative endeavor to another before finally finding confidence in myself and my ability to draw things that make me joyous, which is literally what I’ve wanted to do my whole life.

Now, I draw constantly, and love to share what I have learned with anyone else who feels intimidated by art and their own ability to create it.

Here’s the list of the things I like, this list is the list of the things I like.

TV shows, movies, artists, books, podcasts, pretty much anything and everything.

If you’re also passionate about any of the things I’ve featured below, feel free to drop me a line on social media and we can nerd out together!